You’ve traveled the vast Internet to come to my web page. I’m happy you are here. I want to show you my art, and some of my thoughts about it. I hope you will be more than a ghost drifting by. Please say hello, tell me what you think or ask a question. I’d like to meet you.

I was a young art student thirty years ago. I set up my easel before an interesting assortment of houses going up Mt. Adam’s hillside. It seemed no two were facing the same direction like a mouth in need of braces. I imagined a cubistic image filled with odd angles like pieces of reality seen through a broken mirror. I setup my things and got started. It was going well and I was deeply enjoying my progress until the first bus unloaded. Here’s the thing about painting landscapes on location: you will always have unexpected complications – always. This time I failed to notice the bus stop ten feet behind me. With every bus came a new gathering of well-intentioned spectators eager to look over my shoulder. Invariably someone would ask, “Are you an artist?” This is a very strange question to ask someone who is trying their best to be just that. Was my painting so bad that they thought I was playing tennis? Of course, I was polite but that became harder with each busload. So please feel free to ask any question. I’ll answer the first one, Yes, I am an artist.

I believe the menu above is self-explanatory. One little oddity, if you click on portfolios you go to a web page – there’s nothing much there. Please, just roll-over the word Portfolios and then click on the grouping of pictures you would like to see. I’m sorry. I haven’t figured out how to make this more intuitive but I’m working on it.

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