You’ve traveled the vast Internet to come to my web page. I’m happy you are here. I want to show you my art, and some of my thoughts about it. I hope you will be more than a ghost drifting by. Please say hello, tell me what you think or ask a question. I’d like to meet you.

Thirty years ago, I was a young art student, I set up my easel before an interesting assortment of houses going up Mt. Adam’s hillside. It seemed no two were facing the same direction like a mouth in need of braces. I imagined a cubistic like image filled with angles, pieces of reality seen through a broken mirror. I squeezed out my paint, a color at a time on my pallet, and found a safe place for my jar of turpentine then started. It was going very well until the first bus unloaded. Here’s the thing, you will always have some unexpected complication when painting landscapes on location – always. I hadn’t noticed just ten feet behind me was a bus stop. Every ten minutes a bus would stop, people would get out and one or more would gather around to see what I was doing. They all asked the same question: “Are you an artist?” This is a very strange question to ask someone who is trying their best to be just that. Of course, I had to be polite but it got harder with each bus. So ask any question you want, but please not that one.

I believe the menu above is self-explanatory. One little oddity, if you click on portfolios you go to a web page – there’s nothing much there. Please, just roll-over the word Portfolios and then click on the grouping of pictures you would like to see. I’m sorry. I haven’t figured out how to make this more intuitive but I’m working on it.

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