I hope you read this. I want to say I’m delighted you came here to look at my art. What is the point in making art if no one sees it? YOU are the other half of the equation! Please go to the Contact section and say hi. Few people do but I always feel thrilled when I get to meet a viewer.

Contents of this website:
As the URL implies, this is my portfolio. It is divided into sections called galleries. Each gallery is made with a different objective.

The Fragmentary Divide – is my most recent work. It combines elements of cubism, futurism, and constructivism to express our current fragmented world.

Beechcroft – a series created just before the Fragmentary Divide. It is about a fictional city where shady business takes place. It was largely inspired by film noir.

Black Like Beetles – is an experimental animation. It is largely in the Beechcroft style but hints at Fragmentary Divide with its inclusion of text.

Other Worlds – this is the oldest work on the sight. Most of it was made as science fiction illustrations. The overarching mission was to give viewers a sense of being transported to a different place where something interesting is happening.

About Me:
I always wanted to be an artist. I try hard every day to be a good one.

My training, mostly in Cincinnati through the School for Creative and Performing Arts and the Art Academy of Cincinnati, was rich in exploration of new materials and methods. I studied photography, etching, some forms of sculpture, and a huge range of exotic topics such as wet fresco, vacuum form, silver point drawing, encaustics. My BFA was focused on painting.

By 1980, computers were becoming available but they were limited and much less user-friendly than today. I became interested in them and the potential they offered for making art.

In 1989, I got the opportunity to study at Pratt Institute’s Computer Graphics department. It was a good experience living in NY and having access to so much new technology. I received my MFA in 1991.

I met my wife, a fellow student, in NY.

I returned to Cincinnati, where my family lived and in 1994 started a company, Interactive Technologies, Inc., creating training materials and other products to be viewed and interacted with on computers. About 60% of my work involved programming and technical issues but only 30% graphic design and illustration. The income was nice and so it went on for some time. Meanwhile, we bought a house and had two children.

Today, I am investing my time 100% to making art and posting it here. I truly hope you enjoy it.


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